Here IS What our customers say about us

"Valley Ford Construction compleated an impressive project, and it included underground drainage pipe and a new concrete walkway, as well as eliminating wood-earth contact in the sub-area footings.  


It took ingenuity to pour the new foundation; they had to remove a fence and build a wood chute to get the concrete into the forms they had expertly built, the house being on a steep hill, with NO direct access for the concrete pumper.  


The project exceeded my expectations and now I feel better knowing things have been stabilized, the hillside terraced adjacent to the house, and the run-off from the rains diverted away from the foundation.  


I can recomment Valley Ford Construction 100%, these guys are knowledgeable and dependable."  



"Michael came and assessed the situation in my backyard for a concrete patio which consisted of flagstone and rock.  Not pretty nor comfortable to host a gathering at all.  He came up with  great ideas and then some. It was a challenge believe me as he ran across issues that he did not anticipate and neither did I. He dealt with these issues calmly and very professionally.  He did an excellent job giving over 100% to the project!   I am extremely happy! 
I would recommend this company whole heartedly!!"

Linda C.
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